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Paramount Pest Control

5207 NE Portland Hwy - Portland, Oregon 97218

(503) 288-7375 or Outside Portland Area (800) 452-7243


Our technicians take the time to make sure that you understand all methods being used, and provide you with additional information that will enable you to keep the pests away.   Our goal is to have good communication with our customers so everyone involved feels completely safe and comfortable with any and all procedure(s) being used.  We have found that these are the keys to a very successful outcome.

Technician's are continually being educated on new products and in alternative strategies to detect and resolve pest situations. Many times a problem can be resolved by either physically changing the environment at the infestation site, setting glue traps, or pheromones are used to lure the pest into a trap or to entice them to have a little snack of bait which the pest then takes back to its nest to share with the rest of the colony and in a short time will eradicate the entire nest completely.

Paramount Pest Control understands that each situation is unique and at times there may be special circumstances involved, we listen to your needs and make sure to always work within your limits, while providing the best service possible.

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